Anugerah Jaya Abadi Teknik

Bevel Gear

Anugerah Jaya Abadi Teknik, the most complete and quality motor gearbox supplier that provides various kinds of bevel gear. We sell bevel gear which is a type of gear that is commonly used to connect two intersecting shafts. The angle between the two shafts varies, located between 0 ° to 80 ° depending on needs. Bevel gear / cone gears consist of two kinds, namely straight bevel gear and spiral bevel gear. Selling a bevel gear that has the function of changing the horizontal rotation coming from the transmission (pinion gear) into a transverse rotation which is then forwarded to the steering clutch which allows the unit to move. In addition, the bevel gear also has a function to reduce the rotation coming from the transmission pinion. We provide various types of bevel gear, buy through us for your needs with competitive bevel gear prices.

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